Farzan Athari Arrested

Crossroads: A Dubai court on Wednesday (January 15th, 2014), famous Iranian- Swedish model committed the crime of carrying 21 grams of Class A; Sentenced to life imprisonment.

Narcotics police officers found Farzan Athari near the hotel ” Armenian ” in Dubai  He was arrested while a plastic bag containing a class A drug was found.

The suspect, Mr. Athari, 29 years old, was in the court and argued that the class A packages were for personal use and had not intended to sell them.

Lawyers had earlier argued that the process of counter-narcotics police in this case was “illegal”, because according to him, on the one hand he had to inform the Dubai police citing information he testified against his client. False information about the drug by the accused was used to carry data and the other prisoners in detention. Farzan Athari was misleading and may have threatened our suspect.

During the trial, an Emirati policeman testified that an informant told them that Farzan Athari was holding drugs and was seeking a buyer for it.

According to the counter-narcotics police officer , Farzan was charged May 14 ( May 24 ) in front of a hotel in the historic district of ” Dubai ” and was arrested during the investigation. He himself has admitted that he intended to sell the bags with the class A drug.

According to “Glfnyvz”, he faces the Dubai Court of First Instance. In addition to condemning the Iranian model to life in prison, he was sentenced to a heavy fine of 50 thousand dirhams UAE after serving his term, also he will be expelled from the country.

Farzan Athari, a model with more than 100 brands in 23 countries, has worked over 10 years and has been active in the fashion and entertainment industry. He also played in the history of the ” forties ” Prominent Filmmakers Alireza Raiisian alongside Leila Hatami. Ezatollahi is humble about the whole thing.


It seems that Farzan is very positive and strong about this matter and on his twitter page he has tweeted ” You dont know how strong you are… until STRONG is the Only thing left to be “. We (Hokm Bazi Team) wish him the best and hope he will be free once again .

farzan Athari

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